Strategies for succeeding in a world in & after Corona

Prospex works with companies and public organisations on strategizing for success under Corona and after Corona. When the virus started to hit the world early 2020, we developed and shared publicly a set of base scenarios for the future, created together with our partners at DRS. The base scenarios from early 2020 capture the possibilities of not only a quick recovery – what everybody hoped for; they also capture the potential prospect of a long-lasting presence of the pandemic – what we are facing now.

COVID Scenarios

The base scenarios depicted the possibility of a back to normal after the disease, as well as the possibility that the disease will have changed our world substantially. The core strategies of bridging, surviving, adapting and indeed transforming the way of doing business play into these different future scenarios. In the work with our clients, we are going much further, identifying specifically the consequences of complex uncertainties and strategizing how our clients can thrive despite COVID 19 in the years to come.