Bringing EEA & Norway Grants close to citizens

“A strong civil society is a fundamental building block in a vibrant, well-functioning democracy”. Prospex collaborates with EEA & Norway Grants to engage civil society organisations in 15 EU Member States on human rights, democracy, gender equality, vulnerable groups and civic action. The results help shape the Active Citizen Fund programmes and released millions of Euros in funding to civil society organisations. Prospex designs and facilitates the engagement of civil society organisations in determining the focus of the grants in each of the countries, from the local, regional to national level. With this approach, EEA & Norway grants bring the funds as closely to citizens as possible.

The Active Citizens Fund represents the combined commitment of Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway to earmark 10% of the EEA & Norway Grants for civil society actions. To empower civil society groups in 15 EU Member States, the Active Citizens Fund is managed by national operators that are independent of local, regional and central government, political parties or religious institutions. For more information, please visit the Active Citizens Fund website.