Since 2001, Prospex is the pioneer in delivering excellence in strategic engagement. We have laid foundations for practice in the fields of stakeholder engagement, moderating for effective participation, negotiation intelligence and participatory foresight & strategy development.

Across the world, we help our clients reach their goals through cooperation – with a crew of versatile consultants that combine expertise with mastery of dialogue. Co-creation and respect for diversity are part of our organisational DNA. We are present in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Slovenia & South-Eastern Europe, and with our Brussels EU Office and headquarters in Belgium.

We work across the world

Operating from

Prospex – EU Office
Kolonienstr. 56
B-1000 Brussels, Belgium
+32 469 12 95 40

Prospex – Representation in Germany
Berlin, Germany
+49 160 6910 238

Prospex – Representation in Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia
+386 80 755 737

Prospex – Partner Office in Switzerland
Bern, Switzerland

Prospex – Partner Office in the Netherlands
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 97 010281370


Prospex bvHeadquarters 
Vlugestal 6 
B-3140 Keerbergen 
+32 15 22 54 40 


Prospex bvHeadquarters 
Vlugestal 6 
B-3140 Keerbergen 
+32 15 22 54 40

Crew & Founders

Prospex’s crew stands out for its genuine interest in moving things forward by bringing people & ideas together. Our crew members combine different academic backgrounds and approaches, with long-standing experience in a variety of sectors and settings – from the challenges of specialised SMEs to the intricacies of international organisations. Our team includes a large number of practitioners, from juniors to seasoned principals and partners. We navigate complexity, work in many languages and thrive on diversity.

Prospex was co-founded by DR. KATIA TIELEMAN and DR. MARC GRAMBERGER. Katia is professor at the Vlerick Business School. She is an international authority in negotiations and has developed the negotiation intelligence approach. Marc is the international esteemed moderator and scenario planning practitioner. He is author of a series of pathfinding publications, among which the classic official OECD handbook Citizens as Partners.

Katia Tieleman
Dr. Katia Tieleman
Marc Gramberger
Dr. Marc Gramberger

A Crew Member in the Spotlight

Our crew builds on a large network of excellent consultants. We hereby put a spotlight on one member of the crew – changing the spotlight from time to time to another selected member.

MARTIN WATSON is an international and top level moderator and facilitator of public events, workshops and conferences. He is an expert in designing participatory and interactive processes for engaging stakeholders. He has worked with numerous high-level players, such as the European Commission, the European Environment Agency (EEA), the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), the European Training Foundation (ETF), the Finish Presidency of the EU, UNEP and many others. Martin speaks English, French and German fluently. When he is not moderating and you still see him on stage, then he is likely to play the guitar & sing rock songs.