Going back to 2001, Prospex has an excellent track record with clients in many sectors operating in diverse settings across the world – from international and European institutions and governments to international corporations and SMEs, research institutions, networks and alliances and civil society organisations.

We also specialise in addressing challenges where different sectors and worlds overlap, in multi-stakeholder settings, focused on creating shared value.


Multi-Stakeholder Settings

Multi-stakeholder settings gather different organisations and groups. They can be challenging, specifically if parties have very different perspectives, interests and ideas. At Prospex, we  are experts in bringing these different groups together, orchestrating a process towards shared understanding, agreement and action. We have done so successfully in numerous occasions across sectors and issues, from the local to the international level.

International corporations

International corporations operate across countries with an international work force and often within complex inner structures. They face challenges of multiple markets and sectors, with varying regulations, competitors and stakeholders. Prospex has worked with many international corporations, helping to stay ahead of the pack, identifying critical futures to prepare for, engaging players inside and outside the corporation and finding the agreements that enable continued success.

International organisations

International organisations are unique structures of cultural diversity. In their policy-development and implementation processes, they involve governments, interest groups, and many other stakeholders. The variety of issues and backgrounds in the multi-country settings create a rich and challenging backdrop. Prospex has worked with and inside international organisations since its beginning and understands its specific complexities and challenges – enabling achievement under complexity.

EU / European Institutions

European integration is a force in the development of the continent – and European Institutions play a central role in making this development happen. Dealing with almost every aspect of society, European institutions need to interact with stakeholders across the continent, across cultures and languages, to identify the needs and policies of the future. Prospex has a wealth of experience with European institutions and masters the sensitivities of this special setting.


Companies face increasingly complex and demanding markets. Navigating and engaging not only the dynamic value constellations but also the societal, political and economic contexts in which they operate are key challenges. Prospex has worked with companies in a large variety of sectors. Our expertise supports companies to identify and focus their attention to the topics and stakeholders that really matter.

SMEs, start-ups and scale-ups

Smaller and medium-sized companies operate often on highly specialized markets and with unique approaches and technologies. Finding the path to growth and keeping the focus on the products & services for the future are key. Prospex helps in identifying the most promising path to future success, and in reaching out to stakeholders that hold keys to make it happen.

Governmental institutions

Governmental institutions are not alone in shaping the policies for our societies. They are part of a complex web of stakeholders, with whom they need to engage on the issues within their mandate. Prospex has a track record of helping governmental institutions identify and shape the policies of the future – by drawing in, consulting and co-creating with stakeholders in a constructive dialogue that enables lasting agreements and effective implementation.

Civil society & NGOs

Actors of civil society promote and safeguard interests of different parts of society. Agreeing on and coordinating actions within and between these actors can be a key challenge. Prospex understands the complexity and sensitivities of this setting and can build on years of experience and expertise working with civil society and NGOs, engaging with them in policy and business debates for the future of society.

Associations & networks

Associations & networks centre on partnerships. Their effectiveness is shaped by converging interests and positions, and by the willingness to act in common. Associations & networks find it important to strike the right balance across their memberships, encouraging consensus building and planning for the future. Prospex excels in enabling associations and networks to become effective in identifying and reaching common goals.

Science & research

Science and research are key for our understanding of the world and for our ability to act upon present and future challenges. Indeed, research and science do not operate in a vacuum: they are tied to the natural environment we inhabit and the social context we experience. Linking the complexity of research & science to strategic decision-making and to the stakeholders involved, Prospex works with research institutions and projects across the world. Our practice in strategic science-stakeholder dialogue is guided through our own research, published in peer-reviewed academic journals – such as the STIR approach to stakeholder integrated research.


Forging a team from a group of individuals is a necessity for achieving successful results. Identifying common goals, giving them shape and motivating their achievement is key for teams, as is managing the possible differences and frictions that may develop. Prospex is a specialist in helping teams succeed, making full use of their potential.


No action is done, no goal is reached without an individual putting a process in motion. At Prospex, we understand the individual as the basic actor enabling achievement. We support individuals in developing their skills and competences, in identifying and reaching goals and in dealing with the challenges within their organisational setting.


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