Prospex offers tailored MODERATION & FACILITATION, FORESIGHT & STRATEGY, STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT, and NEGOTIATION & CONFLICT MANAGEMENT. Often, we combine these services and tailor it to the challenges of our clients.

Our work is about our clients’ objectives, from identifying strategies for the future to creating agreement with key partners and stakeholders. Our focus is on practical application, making use of our expertise, conceptual insight and creativity. We practice targeted innovation and create new dynamics. We work in co-creation with our clients and their stakeholders.

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Moderation & Facilitation

Prospex designs event processes in direct consultation with you and facilitates the sessions to a reference-setting professional standard. In digital and in-person settings, and in combinations of both. From small workshops to conferences with several thousand participants. From board meetings to citizen gatherings. The core of Prospex’s approach to moderation is to create genuine dialogue. The result is a high degree of engagement by participants and stakeholders on the issues – and commitment to address the next steps.

in-person, digital & blended events * meetings * workshops * webinars * conferences * board meetings * event strategies * analysis & reporting * graphic reporting * etc.

Foresight & Strategy

Prospex applies foresight to create strategies that last. Strategies that prepare for dynamic developments. Strategies that make your company and organisation future-proof and keep it ahead of the curve, proven by our track record. We are masters at applying scenario planning, visioning and roadmapping – designing a strategic package and supporting its implementation and change processes.

scenario planning * vision development * trend analysis * horizon scanning * roadmaps * dynamic strategy development * implementation support * etc.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Prospex designs and applies engagement strategies for creating shared understanding, commitment and behaviour change. We base ourselves on comprehensive and methodologically sound stakeholder identification, mapping and analysis. Developing, refining and innovating approaches and processes for genuine dialogue between organisations and their stakeholders is at our very core. Prospex is recognised as pioneer in the field of stakeholder engagement since the beginning of the millennium.

stakeholder events & processes * dialogue & co-creation * science-stakeholder processes * change processes * behaviour change * user research * stakeholder identification, mapping & analysis * etc.

Negotiation & Conflict Management

Prospex supports finding agreements between two or multiple parties. We design and facilitate negotiation and solution-finding processes. This includes building alliances and addressing and managing conflict between parties – enabling to use diversity as an advantage. Prospex has helped numerous organisations achieve excellent negotiation outcomes and straight bottom line effects while safeguarding relations and invigorating partnerships.

negotiation consulting & advice * negotiation strategy * negotiation planning * negotiation preparation * negotiation coaching * negotiation shadowing * conflict mediation & facilitation * etc.

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